GTN Podcast 001: Introductions
          Who do you think you are?

GTN Podcast 002: Guitar Cable Shootout
          A patch-cord by any other name, would it sound as sweet?

GTN Podcast 003: Single Coil Pickups Shooutout
          Hum, Quack... what about Attack?

GTN Podcast 004: Telecaster Shootout
          Is it the size of your TWANG, or what you can do with it?

GTN Podcast 005: True Bypass vs. Non-True Bypass Effects Shootout
          Is it True Bypass or is it fiction?

GTN Podcast 006: Guitar Cable Shootout 02
          Is there a monster in the house?

GTN Podcast 007: LP Wiring - Vintage vs Modern, Stock vs Custom
          Can a vintage wiring design make your old historic reissue seem new again?

GTN Podcast 008: Stratocaster Shootout
          When you pull the string does it go, Quack--Quack--Quack?

GTN Podcast 009: Power Cable & Power Conditioner Shootout
          How dirty do you feel when you don't use your conditioner?

GTN Podcast 010: Preamp Tube Shootout
          What have you got to Gain?

GTN Podcast 011: Les Paul Shootout
          How do you know when 'Les' is more?

GTN Podcast 012: Guitar Amplifier Attenuator Shootout
          When it’s too loud, are you too old, or is it just too damn loud?

GTN Podcast 013: Gibson ES vs LP Shootout
          Hey, Humbucker! What are you Bursting about!